Lose The Booze!

coaching package

Your Investment - £975
Duration – 10 sessions

‘Nobody ever went broke from investing in themselves’

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What's included?

Seeds of change (sessions 1-4)

4-week alcohol free challenge



What’s next?

Taking Root (sessions 5-8)

Values and goal setting

Behavioural change

Obstacles and coping

A Positive Future (sessions 9 and 10)

Positive emotions

Evaluation and the future

Additional features

Access to online coaching app

Bonus ‘between session’ interventions

Stay on track workbook

Published stats tells us that, on average, we each spend between £900 and £1000 per annum on alcohol.

(in the past, this was one area where I was way above the average…)

And that’s just the cost of alcohol. What about the cost to your health, your business, your performance, your relationships?

If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and a big return...

Invest in Yourself!

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